100% browser window height?


I’m currently trying to prototype a dashboard, with a horizontal menu/header on top of the site and another vertical menu on the left (like your usual dashboard frame).

The problem I’m currently facing is: how can I set the height of the vertical menu on the left? Since the top horizontal menu/header takes some height already, I suppose doing [[window.height]] wouldn’t work. Creating guides according to the adaptive view settings also didn’t help much, since (e.g.) the 1920*1080 screen size isn’t equal the browser window size itself, except if I turn on the full screen mode on the browser.

And a second issue: I once tried using [[window.height]] at OnLoad, but it didn’t work well since the browser showed a horizontal scrollbar for the first few milliseconds, so in the end I ended up with a thin white horizontal line at the bottom of my prototype. Is there any better way to do it?

Thanks for the help!!

Hi LeCrouton,

It’s a little hard to say without seeing your .rp file, but for the first issue, you could always use [[Window.height]] and then subtract the height of the horizontal menu/header, e.g.:

Set Size of [vertical menu widget] to [[Window.height - LVAR1.height]]

where LVAR1 is referencing the horizontal menu/header.

For the second issue you are running into, would you be able to post an example .rp file where this is occurring for you? I’m unable to reproduce the horizontal scrollbar appearing when using [[Window.height]] with an OnLoad event from a quick test, so I’d like to see whether this is expected vs. a bug. Thanks!

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