Ability to collapse interaction targets

IS there a way to have the target objects (DPs, etc…) collapsed by a button, just like the Outline has (the two inward facing brackets?

The outliner has a button that does this, its to the left of the filter button. I have to constantly collapse all the DPs states, etc, to find the one thing I want to target. And by default they’re ALL expanded. It’s not like that little popup can expand so i can view a giant list better.

Seems needed, IMO.

That’s a good idea, as long as your target is a dynamic panel or group, or you know just where it is nested. You should submit this as a feature request to support@axure.com .

I’ve found the search feature in the Target droplist is a quick and easy way to find a specific widget. I love that it is focused by default, so when I click into TARGET I can immediately start typing a widget name, or any portion of a name (e.g., if I have a bunch of widgets named, “account_1”, “account_2”, “account_name”, account_phone"" etc., I can just enter “t_” to find them all, or “t_1” to get just that first one). If a widget is unnamed you can search by its type, like “rect” will bring up all rectangle widgets. Years ago I learned to appreciate the value of naming my widgets as I create them, especially if I know they’ll need to be targeted or have interactions that might need to be debugged.