Accordion with button changes

I have create an accordion with toggle (dynamic panel) push/pull widget below methods (because using dynamic panel states i can’t easily listing more than one accordion) BUT I need that one little image on the button of my accordion changes.

It’s the classic arrow: arrow-DOWN when body of accordion is hidden and arrow-UP when body of accordion is show.

I tried many times but i cant’ figure out.



Take a look at this this file with a few types of accordion repeaters.
AccordionRepeater4.rp (357.7 KB)

On the “Accordion with repeater” page, I have a caret shape widget in the repeater cell. When the “list level” is open (accordion is shown), it gets selected, when closed it is unselected. At OnSelected, the caret gets rotated to show it pointing down. At OnUnselected, the caret gets rotated back to its original position of 0-degrees.


Whoa mbc66 your work is amazing.
I never use Repeater and now I want to learn them.
I even cant’ fully understand your work: where you storage/link the info shown in “result”?

I enclose you my idea of accordion:
accordion-example.rp (74.0 KB)

I like semplicity, I need to be fast, and please don’t tell me the only way to change an icon is with six variables or a lot of panel state :smiley:

Many many thanks,

Hello Giuls!

I have been doing something similar to what you are trying to do using the rotate option.

Double-click Case 1
Choose Rotate in the left column (click to add actions)
Select the widget you want to rotate on the top right column
Adjust the rotation and animation on the bottom right column
Click OK

I hope this was helpful.