Action taken on selected repeater rows

I have a repeater where I want to select some of the records and have a button trigger only the selected rows to be labeled as processed. But the way I’m doing it, all rows are labeled as processed, regardless if I selected them.
Replication Steps:
*Click on multiple students (not all)

  • Click on Pay button

Expected results: only students selected will have a ‘processed’ label added
Actual results: All students get a ‘processed’ label added


Axure Help.rp (1.2 MB)


Give this a try. See the axure help (1) page where I duplicated your page and made some modifications:
Axure Help.rp (2.1 MB)

Your repeater refers to a column named, “Process” but you don’t have this column in the repeater anymore. It makes sense to use it to track the processed state, so I added it back in. See the OnItemLoad event where I added two cases to handle the values in [[Item.Process]], showing the Proccessed Label image when the Process column = “true”, and otherwise hiding it. I updated the OnClick event for the “Student repeater with photo group” so it just sets the selected state of itself to toggle. This allows user to click it to select then click to deselect. I kept the selected style for the “Background card” widget and added an OnSelected event to mark This row, and an OnUnselected event to unmark This row.

I updated the OnClick event for the Pay button (as well as Void button), simplifying it to just one line to update the Marked rows to “true” in the Process column. This will in turn trigger the repeater to reload and show the Processed Label image for rows where [[Item.Process]] = true.

This is great - thanks so much!