Activate Keyboard mobile in Axure App


Question, Is it possible to activate a smartphone app keyboard in the Axure App (cloud)?
So that I can enter real text?
So I can do realistic usertests.


I think if you use text field/area widgets, these will invoke a keyboard on a mobile device. As of RP9 these can be styled as well.

Hello, Dave,

No does not work.
Not is the App or in Browser

But thnx to inform


To be clear - how are you creating text fields? Are you using the widgets in the Default library that are actual HTML text inputs? If you can provide a link to your prototype and/or supply your .rp file, people will be better able to help.

Default Axure text fields should invoke the keyboard - if they’re not it suggests either an issue with the prototype viewer or that you’re not using actual text fields.

Done a bit of searching, looks like there was a bug with this that you could get around by using OnClick interactions to give the elements focus. That thread is a year old though, so I suspect it has been fixed.