Adaptive Prototype

Hi All,

Let me take a scenario to explain my question.

Suppose, I have two masters in my prototype say Master 1 and Master 2.

If I am using a desktop first approach and want to make my prototype adaptive, I will have to add breakpoints. So for tablet, I am taking width = 1024 px, but for desktop version width = 1366 px.

So in case of Adaptive Prototypes, do I have to create different Masters for every device because Masters can’t be resized like any other controls on the page.


Hi apurvo,

While masters can’t be resized directly through the page, they can be resized using master views. In Axure RP 8, masters can use the same adaptive view structure by enabling adaptive views through the master’s page-level Properties pane. While master views do not have to be directly tied to adaptive views in Axure RP 9, you can have master views automatically switch between adaptive views by giving them the same naming and inheritance structure as your adaptive views. You can learn more about master views in our documentation here.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Chelsea, this helps :slight_smile:

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