Adaptive View for iPad Pro

Im trying to make an adaptive view for iPad Pro 12.9" - what width do I set ?

I would assume it’s 2048px set as the width. The height shouldn’t matter if you plan on scrolling vertically

If you`re on the device, you could try going here, running it, and checking for yourself as well:

If you’re targeting an iPad Pro device in Axure RP 8, then you’ll want to design based on its viewport width (1024), and then from there ensure that in “Publish > Generate HTML Settings > Mobile/Device” that you’ve enabled the viewport tag and set initial scale to 1.

Alternatively, if you wind up building your design at 2048 width and find that it’s too big when you test it on your iPad, you can scale it down in the viewport settings by setting initial scale to .5; that should do the trick. Hopefully that helps!

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