Adaptive view issue?

I have created a simple header with few views. All inherits from the 1920 wide base.
for some reason, a specific master which appears in the most narrow master view, does show in the preview base even though it is properly hidden in the outline panel, and does not appear on the canvas design mode…


Outline of that view:

Design mode of that view:

BTW - How can I get read of the large circle in Preview mode which appears only with adaptive views?



Hi Iris,

not sure what your question is. If you could share your file I would be happy to have a look at it and see if I can locate your issue. Sometimes even just the order (or disorder) of your file can create odd behaviors.
As for adaptive view I would recommend 2 things. 1. reduce the amount of screen size to a bare minimum as in phone, tablet, desktop is the preferred approach. 2. Start with the smallest screen (mobile first) as it is easier to add than it is to remove.
I hope you’ll find this helpful.

Attached a clean rp. same behaviour in preview.
Regards your recommendations:
Not always the mobile first is the best. Esp. when you have just desktop application (no future plan for other since it’s an enterprise solution).
I do agree it’s kind of waste to invest in responsiveness on Axure, but today you have huge differences also in desktop sizes (1920 wide to 1024), and sometimes you wish to create 2 views.

In our case the 1024 widescreen is the smallest, and probably pretty rare.
Anyhow - for the Axure discussion, I think the behaviour is a bug.
test for responsive.rp (412.1 KB)

Cheers - Iris-

Hi Iris,

I realize that I am not the most responsive person, especially around New Year!

One thing I have found useful is using Axure customer support line as they have been very responsive and I have always had luck with them helping me figure things out though it’s not a great idea to use them when you’re a on deadline as they tend to work on many cases and it takes time—usually within the day—to get an answer. Just figure I’d share that with you as I still have to look at your file and I am not sure when I might have time to do so.

Anyway, happy new year and may the Axure wizards be on your side.

Hi Iris,

Hmm, I’m seeing the same sort of behaviors when previewing your file. Was this RP file originally an Axure RP 8 file that was converted to an Axure RP 9 file? If this file was originally created in Axure RP 8, could you please send along the Axure RP 8 version of the file? If this file was originally created in Axure RP 9, were there any large changes made to the file leading up to this issue?