Adaptive view problem


I’m doing a big project with more than 30 pages.
And when I started to make adaptive versions of the pages, I ran into a problem.
I managed to make only the main page. On other pages adaptive does not work. Although the program itself is good.
But as I display other pages on the display, nothing happens, the adaptive does not work.

Help me please

You need to build adaptive views for every page individually. Each page needs to have the “Adaptive: Enabled” checkbox selected in order to expose and use the adaptive views.

Refer to this reference page for help with adaptive views:

It’s done. Everything is displayed well in Axure. I’m making an adaptive look successfully. But when viewed in the browser, there is no adaptivity. Although I press the adaptive view, but the main one does not apply the adaptive.

Not sure what you mean. Could you post a link or upload your .rp file?