Adaptive views - distance of content from top in child pages

I’m using adaptive views with a phone screen as the base. There’s a main nav menu which is hidden on the base view. On child views (larger screens), it appears as a horizontal nav bar near the top of the page.

The menu takes up space at the top of the page, so on child views the main content needs to be further from the top. At present, I add an element to the base view, then manually move it down a bit in child views. Which is quite repetitive.

I’m probably missing something obvious (I’m not experienced using adaptive views), but is there a solution which means the content of child views can be automatically shifted down by a certain amount compared to the base view?

Hmm, when working with adaptive views the way to handle this would typically be to manually place the widgets in their desired locations in the child views on the canvas. If you just want all of the content to shift down to accommodate the header in each child view, then you could also try setting up a conditional OnAdaptiveViewChange event that checks that the active adaptive view is not the Base view, and then hides/shows the header with push:

This should cause the header to push the content down when you open a child view in the browser. Hopefully that helps a bit!

Hi Alyssa, that’s really helpful - thank you!