Adaptive Views doesn't work


I made a website with three different adaptive views: one square mobile version (old mobile), one long screen mobile version and one desktop version (1280 width). After exporting it to HTML and then uploading to a server, not only the original (long screen mobile version) of the website is showed everywhere, it doesn’t fit to screen like it should be. Even on the phones it shows too little or too much (if not view on iPhone 12 MAX as originally designed). Please help!!!

Sounds like your breakpoints may not be set correctly, and/or you need more breakpoints to handle various supported devices.

If you want things to resize fluidly and/or adjust exactly to the width and/or height of the browser viewport, you’ll need to resize and/or move your widgets based on the [[Window.width]] value, and likewise if needed [[Window.height]]. You can use the Window Resized event for this (which gets fired on the initial page load as well.)