Adaptive Views for iPad RP10

I have created a simple file (1 page) to test the adaptive view functionality but the page does not appear to adapt based on it’s screen width when displayed on my iPad Air (3rd Generation).

According to, my screen widths are as follows:

Portrait: 402 x 831
Landscape: 541 x 553

which seem vastly different to the options within Axure RP 10. I have set my adaptive views to the above widths. However, when I view the page on my iPad, they just show the desktop view. ":0(

I also noticed comments within other similar topics suggesting “Publish > Generate HTML Settings > Mobile/Device” that you’ve enabled the viewport tag and set initial scale to 1”. However I could not find this setting within RP 10.

I have attached my field and would be very grateful if someone could help me solve this issue.

adaptiveViews.rp (43.8 KB)

Thanks, Caroline