Adaptive views HELP!

I built a landing page wireframe for desktop 1200px & mobile 360px.
when i preview it works ok but when i export it to axureshare i only see the mobile version, also on destop… why is that?

another problem is, when i preview the wireframe on my mobile, i see it small and not in full size screen.

i attached the file here.

Please Help me understand…


landing page.rp (94.8 KB)


I couldn’t duplicate your issue upon publishing to Axshare: the adaptive views worked. For the mobile view, be sure to turn on the viewport tab in the Generate HTML dialog.


i did what you told me… still, when i export i see in the browser only the mobile view…
why is this?


I am having the same problem but with axure 9. I am publishing all the generated files via filezilla to my own host but the mobile size is tiny and there is text flow, etc. Anyone knows how to fix this? Many thanks.