Adaptive Views - Large Display only showing items placed in Base View

For some reason, my Large Display Adaptive view is only showing the items that have been placed in the Base View, even though the my Tablet - Portrait view in the middle renders fine (screen shot limit, can’t show)

In my adaptive views, each inherits from the previous (sorry, screen shot limit can’t post)

Base View Drawing and Preview, looking good…

Large View and Preview - ack! Only items placed in the base view are shown, all other items not.

Any ideas?!


Could you please let me know if this file was originally an Axure RP 8 file that was converted to Axure RP 9?

Additionally, one thing you could try is going through all of your non-base adaptive views, placing the items that are showing when generated into view, and then un-placing the widgets from view again, starting with your most-inherited view (the one farthest away from the base view), and going through the other non-base base views individually until the items have been manually unplaced for each view. Let me know if this helps some!

Thanks for your help.

This was an Axure 9 Beta file from scratch, not converted. I will try un-placing and re-placing.

The weird part is how the middle view has no such issues, only the last one. If re-placing doesn’t work, I will try removing the last view and re-adding it.

Between base view and last view, everything is placed fine and no issues rendering. It’s like somehow the base view and last view have become conflated in the back end.

UPDATE: Removing last view and re-adding it did not work. It still treated it as a variant of base view with different dimensions but same placement rendering issues.

UPDATE: I am going to create a new file and re-add all the elements to the new document. It will take the same amount of time as un- / re-placing, and so far the results have been better. I will add elements one at a time and preview until I find a widget that breaks it, if any.

I have tried everything, and I can’t discern a pattern to this issue.

  1. Un-placing and re-placing had no effect.
  2. In new document, if item is in Page, views work fine
  3. In new document, if item is Master, SOMETIMES the item renders in all views, and sometimes not.
  4. If you paste into master, it doesn’t seem to want to render in all views
  5. If you create in master, it MIGHT render in all views
  6. If you add to Base view first, then go back and unplace, it unplaces the item from the preview in the last view.

One thing is for sure, adaptive views and masters do not play well together at all. Adding a master with adaptive views does not sync with the view it is added to (adding master to base view might show large view of master), and as soon as I created a master I had all sorts of problems with the adaptive views, even with non-master widgets.


It sounds like you might be encountering a bug that we have on file where master widgets not explicitly hidden or unplaced in a subview will be visible on pages with adaptive views.

I know you mentioned that you’ve tried un-placing and re-placing the masters, but I’ve previously had some success with un-placing masters, but only if I start by having the master placed on all views, and then un-place the master in order of most-inherited to least-inherited adaptive view. From your previous screenshot, this order would be to un-place the master in the Large Display view, and then un-place the master in the Portrait Tablet view. You may need to remove the master fully from all views before performing this workaround if you have already tried un-placing the master in a different order.

If you’ve already tried this order, or if this order does not resolve the issue, please let me know!

Sorry for chiming in. In Axure 9 beta I’ve created a number of adaptive views. Then I’m trying to create different options on various adaptive views using “if current adaptive view equals XXX”, but there is only “Base” available in the dropdown. What am I doing wrong?

hi, im using axure 8 and facing problem with the adaptive view also. Every time when switching from page to page, it will show the base view first then just show of other view.