Adaptive views no longer working in Preview or Publish


My adaptive views are no longer working in Preview or Publish and the list has disappeared from the side bar in the browser. I’ve checked all the pages and they have the ‘adaptive’ box ticked in the editor. They have been working fine up until now.

Also it’s not ‘auto’ resizing either so the view is fixed to the size on page load and without the sidebar option, there is no way to see the different views.

Can anyone help?


Hmm, it sounds like the adaptive views may not be marked to generate in your HTML generator. To verify, please go to “Publish > Generate HTML > Adaptive Views”, and ensure that the checkbox is enabled (or that the adaptive views you want to show are selected):

Hopefully that helps!

Yes - that fixed it! Thank you Alyssa!

I have a similar problem, but the solution above didn’t work.
I had “Generate all views” unchecked, then checked it back.

Chrome in Device view mode still behaves the same, simply responsive, while I have different layouts for each of 4 views (Tablet Landscape/Portrait, Mobile Portrait/Landscape).

Hmm, it sounds like you have all adaptive views marked to generate in the HTML generator settings, but are seeing either that the adaptive views are missing in the sidebar in the browser or that they don’t trigger when the browser is resized. If possible, would you mind either posting your file here or emailing it to so that we can take a look?