Adaptive Views - without player wrapper, but with device-width scaling

I need to publish my adaptive prototype in a way that allows the user to “Print” (i.e. save as PDF) the entire full length webpage.

I’ve designed a prototype with Adaptive Views.

The problem is that when viewing with the prototype player wrapper, any ‘printed’ output is capped at the player wrapper’s limits.

I’ve found that with RP10 you can (as in the days of 7 and 8) just view the pure .html URL and it will adapt the view, and allow you to ‘print’ the full page. For tablet/desktop this works great.

HOWEVER on mobile, there is now no ‘mobile viewport device width’ toggle, so viewing the .html on a mobile will show the tablet/desktop adaptive views instead.

So while the user could ‘print’ the whole page, they can’t really use the prototype.

SO basically the question is - is there a way to get a .html view of the prototype file to respond to the mobile viewport without the prototype player wrapper?