Add comment inside tab panel

I have a page with a Tab Menu as described at Tutorial.
Each tab panel have features which must be evaluated by stakeholder based on the Cloud Discussion Comments.
The user could add comments in the first panel without issues. However, from the second panels all the comments appears made in the first panel.
Please, may I know which approach is the most convenient in this scenario?
In case, it’s not possible to add comments to dynamic panels, may you suggest a way to split the panels in different pages keeping common control in all pages?

We’ve run into this issue as well. On one hand, as an author I want to see all comments on a page, regardless of panel states, shown/hidden widgets, etc. As a reviewer, similar—has someone else already made same comment, etc. On the other hand, can be hard to tell which comments apply where.

Might be nice if Axure Cloud had a way to handle this.somehow. Maybe show “off-state” comments with partial opacity? Maybe tag comments with the current state? Would be a good feature request.

I’ve found that prototyping for a usability test or client demo is just a different animal than a specification or technical/design review. For the former I usually want to make the experience as real as possible, with smooth transitions, realistic input “processing”, tracking user actions and system variables, error handling, etc. This tends to lead to lots of dynamic panels and most/all views on the same page. I like to gather comments live, through observation, so I can take into account all the rich non-text reactions—emotions, pauses, furled brows, etc. For the latter, I usually need each view or UI state on its own page, with lots of annotation, call outs, flow charts, etc. Gathering detailed comments from reviewers as text works well. This also means at least two separate prototypes, or at least duplicating a “one-page” proto as many additional pages.

So, creating another separate prototype and/or additional pages is probably not the “solution” you’re seeking. I’ve also used an approach of replacing dynamic panels with inline frames, and each state as its own page. So, instead of changing a dp state, load a new page in the iframe. I’m not sure which page a comment would go to though—the parent or the child (page in an iframe). Could be worth a shot.

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Thanks for sharing your experience in this subject.
I will take a look to the approach proposed: replacing dynamic panels with inline frames and loading pages in the iframe.
In other hand, do you think could be a good solution to use a Master View to keep the Tab Menus and create as much pages as needed? Perhaps, one level deep will be ok, however, what happen when the tab page have other panels inside?

Hello @hulaomr I hope you are having a wonderful day! I came across this thread and wanted to follow up on it.

Today, we have an extension in chrome which you can use to associate a screenshot to a comment. I believe this addresses the issue you are running into.

If you open Axure Cloud in Chrome, install the Chrome extension, and then add a comment/reply to a project page you will see a little camera icon in the comment text box (shown in image 1 below). Clicking on this icon will launch a screen capture workflow which you can use this to capture the current state of the dynamic panel that you are viewing and upon completion it will associate the image you capture to the comment. Therefor, when someone views your comment they will also see the image you captured and know what state of the prototype you were looking at while commenting (shown in image 2 below).


Does this address the challenge you are facing or are you looking for something different?

I appreciate you taking the time to write in and am looking forward to any additional feedback or questions you may have.

All the best,
Product Manager @ Axure

Dear Raleigh, thanks for your feedback and proposal. Appreciated.

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