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Hi there

I have a strange behavior when I execute a filter within the repeater, e.g. by clicking on an icon.
If I execute the function outside, it works perfectly.
What could be the reason for this?

Many thanks in advance


Hey @Anton.Itten, can you please attach a copy of your file so we can review it to check what’s happening? The most probable scenario is that you’re not taking advantage of the [[Target.Item]] property, but I need to take a look at your widget setup to know for sure.


Please find attached the example. I have used the same filter inside (over the folder icon) and outside the repeater (Button).

Thanks for your help

Filter_Repeater.rp (153.4 KB)


Hey, I’ve taken a look at your file, and it appears that you should use the [[TargetItem]] property to filter your values inside a repeater. Just select “Custom expression” in the dropdown menu next to the “Filter rule”, and enter “[[TargetItem.FileGroup == ‘A’]]”:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Worked perfectly. Thanks so much for the quick help. I just love this tool!

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