Add widgets to existing groups

I like to ask a question based on this closed thread:

I want to add new widgets/new masters and existing widgets to an existing group. In the mentioned thread a way has been described to add new masters and widgets to an existing group. In Axure 8, users could enter a group edit mode, which seems to have gone in Axure 9. How can it be achieved when using Axure 9?

This still exists in Axure 9, unchanged from 8. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a group.
  2. Ensure the the OUTLINE pane, as well as LIBRARIES and/or MASTERS panes, are in view.
  3. Click an existing group on the canvas to select it. You’ll see a dotted outline showing the group dimensions.
  4. Click the selected group again. You’ll see a thicker solid gray outline, showing the “group editing mode”
  5. Drag a widget from the LIBRARIES or MASTERS pane onto the canvas and place within the gray group boundary. You should see under/within the group folder in the OUTLINE pane.

Use the OUTLINE PANE to drag existing widgets in and out of groups.