Adding a list box to a drop-down sub-menu item on mouseover



Hi, this is probably a very basic question and I’ve gone through the tutorials and still am not sure how this is done.

What I’m trying to do is have a drop-down menu with a few items…two of these items will go to links to another page…when clicked…I’ve got that part down. However, I wanted to add another item on the drop-down list - when on mouseover - will display a list box where a user can view the items in the list.

I’ve included an image to help illustrate what I’m talking about. Thank you in Advance.


I’m assuming you actually want to display a literal, legitimate list box widget instead of another sub-menu.

There isn’t a way to “nest” another widget inside a menu item like that. But what you can do is hide the list box and then set an event on the “Ice Cream” menu item (onClick, onMouseEnter, etc.) to just show it again. You could also add a Move action if you needed to.


Hi Huban, thank you for suggesting this. So, I’ve been playing around with this and I can’t seem to get it correct. The List Box either defaults to being shown or is a toggle shown/not shown. It would be ideal if it could be set to initially not be shown. You would thin that Hide would work for that?


You should just be able to set the list box to “Hide”. Custom_Menu-Submenu.rp (61.5 KB)


Great, thank you for that pro tip!


Hello! I’ve run into a snag - I am attaching a click event to a list box with two options, and setting the conditional logic to use each option to open a different page - unfortunately nothing is happening, and I am not sure if I am missing something…

Please see the logic and setup I have in place…


…as you describe it as “I am attaching a click event to a list box…” the only thing I can see from your screenshot is the interaction is assigned to the Selected event and not Click or Tap . Try cutting the whole “Selected” event and pasting to “Click or Tap” event.


Thank you! I figured that after the fact, and now it is in place and working.