Adding an OR search box to filter a repeater

I’m trying to create a search box that filters a repeater. I would like to be able to search something like “ABC” or “XYZ” and it filters a repeater to all entities that contain either “ABC” or “XYZ” in the given field. Is this something that is possible to do? Any direction on this would be great!

Something like this in your filter maybe?
[[Item.State == 'ABC' || Item.State == 'XYZ']]

for an AND statement:
[[Item.State == 'ABC' && Item.State == 'XYZ']]

for THIS but NOT THIS statement:
[[Item.State == 'ABC' && Item.State != 'XYZ']]

Hi @jlhelmers! Thanks for the quick reply.

It would actually be a little different than that. What I would like to do is take have an input box that takes a user’s text input to search against a field in a repeater. If the user types in something like "ABC" or "XYZ" both qualifying sets of repeaters would pop up. Does that help?

So they would explicitly type "ABC" or "XYZ" with quotes and an OR separating them within one text box?

I don’t think I’m tracking hahaha

Sounds like you want to mock up some kind of query language in Axure? Where you want to parse the logical OR from the what the user types in and search both arguments?

I essentially am trying to mock up a query result using a search box that allows me to do a boolean search. So, whether it’s with quotes or not, is fine. Does this help clarify the question?

I would search for a substring of OR or something similar in the textbox, use that returned value to divide the contents into two Global Variables then run those new GV in a repeater filter.

Hi guys,

Maybe something like this could help you build the multi-search you’re after.

Demo here.
search_field.rp (1021.3 KB)

Hope this helps.