Adding Audio files and controlling playback?

Hi there,

I am trying to create a prototype that will allow me to add an audio file & control the playback and speeds of that audio file. Much like the Spotify podcast player. Is this even possible like it is in other prototyping tools like Origami?



Axure doesn’t support audio natively, but with Axure Share plugins or javascript injection you can do anything with audio that you can do with javascript and there are functions and properties there to achieve all you need… load() , play() , pause() , and the playbackRate property.

In general, though, if you can do something better in another tool, do it there. Post it somewhere and call that proto from Axure using an inline frame widget.

I will say I’ve had pretty good results with javascript control of audio and video in Axure, Here is probably a good starting point to learn how:

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