Adding Connectors to a widget sometimes stops working

Axure 9 Beta

Ctrl 8 does not work

After some use when I clicked on item to place connector it does not allow me to place it . Just comes out of Edit Connect mode.

When I restarted the app it started working again.

Hi adamhughes,

Thanks for attaching a screen recording! The [CTRL] + [8] shortcut has been removed in the RP 9 beta. However, I’ve filed a request with our team to let them know that it is missed.

That said, I’m having some trouble reproducing the issue you’ve shown in your screen recording. Here are the steps I’m following on a Windows machine using the Axure RP 9 beta:

  1. Add a “Box 1” widget onto the canvas.
  2. Right-click the widget and go to: Transform Shape > Edit Connector Points.
  3. Left-click in the “Box 1” widget to add a connector point.

Are my steps any different than yours? After following these steps, I was able to add a connector point and remained in a state where I can add additional connector points.

Also, you mentioned that after restarting, it started working again. Is this still an issue that you can reproduce?


What I found is it worked for a while and then stopped working. I had to restart Axure to get it working again. This happened several times. I am not sure of the circumstance that happened before the functionality failed.