Adding input numbers

I am new to Axure. I am looking for detailed instructions on how to add variable that a user will input. In the prototype the users will input eleven sets of numbers (variables). The system will add ten of those numbers and then divide by one of the numbers. I would like to display the value of the numbers added in one field and value after the division in a different field. I am using Text Fields for the users to input the numbers. Can someone point me in the right direction.


You’ll need to use local variables to do this. Here’s a post that talks about local variables and has a summing example using them.

Do you really need all values as seperate variables?
Here is a demo using a repeater to sum up some input fields and then divide them by the last one.
This is more flexible if you happen to need 8 or 12 values all of a sudden :slight_smile:

Lots-of-values.rp (56.5 KB)

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thank you, i will give this a try

Thank you, i will give this a try