"Affect All Views" checking itself



For several years, I’ve been dealing with the issue of “Affect All Views” just deciding randomly to turn itself on at times. I noticed this issue in V9 previously, but was able to notice it easier because it was a (somewhat obnoxious-but evident!) green color…now, it’s much harder to notice. I thought it was only me but a co worker also mentioned it happening to them.

As you can imagine, this is super frustrating. This morning I lost a lot of work because it had turned itself on and I didn’t catch it.

Is this a known issue? Any insight from the Axure Team into whether there is a fix planned?



I have this question too. Seemed like it was doing it less often until the most recent update. Now it seems to be happening all the time.


Hi @mgoblings,

Could you please write in to support@axure.com and include a copy of the project where you are seeing this issue occur? This would be very helpful, thank you!