After generating HTML, cannot open left project pages when access index.html

This problem still exists.
In axure, operate as follows: F8>player>with pages open>publish locally.
1)Open local index.html, left project pages no show by default.
2)Upload the HTML folder to cloud server such as and find the same result.
During the former version axure, this never happens. This experience sucks.
Wish fix the problem ASAP.
It does do harm to my clients to review my prototype, because they expected to see all pages but infact they don’t know why only one page(index.html) shows.

Hi rainbowboy,

As mentioned here, this was an intentional change with the new 9 player where index.html will open the page with the Pages tab closed. To get the behavior you want, you will want to use “start_with_pages.html”, rather than “index.html” (we renamed this from “start_g_1.html” to make this easier to remember).

Hopefully this helps a bit!