Align middle, align center of Shapes is out of alignment

Hi, I’m using RP

I’m not sure if this is a bug or limitation. I tried to align 2 shapes, but it rarely aligns “perfectly”, like I want both shapes to be in the dead middle & center.

Align middle, and align center, on these 2 shapes.

After it is done, it looks out of alignment.

Is it a limitation? E.g. the Shape’s overall width cannot be an odd number while the shape’s border Line Width is an even number? Hope my description is clear.


Yes, you’ve described it well. This is an artifact of any layout system based on whole integers, like HTML. So ensure your widgets/images are all either even width and height or odd width and height.

But the confusing thing is that the 2 shapes does align perfectly Middle & Center sometimes, as seen below.

After I select both shapes at the same time, move & drop them (via mouse), they become misaligned, as seen below.

This is a bug? If the cause is due to odd & even whole integers, shouldn’t it be always aligned, or always misaligned?

I now have multiple icons that are aligned and misaligned, looks messy. I’m having difficulty creating my design mockup because the alignment seems unpredictable.

Hi Thug!

Thanks so much for these additional screenshots. I’m seeing some similar behavior on my Windows 10 system when I drag a similar grouping beyond certain x and y coordinates on my canvas. Because this behavior is unexpected, so I will be filing a bug report regarding this issue. Could you please let me know if you are using a Windows 10 system, or another system when experiencing this behavior?

Additionally, one workaround I found on my end was to convert the shape widgets into a dynamic panel. Dynamic panel states maintain their own sets of coordinates, so the widgets can maintain a static set of coordinates (0,0) within the state as the dynamic panel is moved across the canvas.

I hope this helps some!

Hi Chelsea, thank you for your reply.
My OS is Win 10 Pro 64-bit.