All shapes have no filling anymore

Hello everyone,

I have a strange problem. Just opened my file, all shapes that were previously filled with white colour suddenly have no fill, on all pages. This affects all my icons in buttons for example. It is virtually impossible for me to select them all together across all Dynamic Panels and pages… I don’t understand it. It is not clear to me how this happened. Is it possible to enter something like this centrally and did I do this by mistake or is this a bug? I have already partially corrected, partially not yet. I want to avoid that this happens again.

Thanks, Maila

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I have this same issue. All shapes I add to a page, display with a white fill and a 1 point gray stroke border. Even if I remove the border and change the fill.

Hi @EddieSpaghetti,

Just to confirm, if you drag and drop any widget to the canvas, for example a Box 3 widget in the Default Library, it will appear with white fill and a 1 point border? We’d be happy to investigate why this issue is occurring on your end.

If you reinstall Axure RP 10 with the latest build, does that help? If not, can you please attach the .rp file that you’re working with as well as your latest RP logs? You can find your logs files via the menu path: “Help > Show Troubleshooting Logs”.