An error has occurred


when the error occurred : Exception has been thrown by the target of an Objective-C method call.


Hey @jax, thank you for reporting this error. We apologize for the issue you see and would be happy to investigate it. Please send us the repro steps and the affected .rp file at so we can reproduce the issue on our side.

Meanwhile, if your file was closed, you can restore an earlier version of your file by following the steps detailed in the link provided below:


I tried multiple times and found that the crash may be caused by the Chinese language pack I added. However, I was able to use the language pack without any issues before. The crash occurred before I updated Axure or macOS, so I can preliminarily rule out these two reasons. Moreover, even after updating to the latest macOS and Axure versions, the crash still occurs.

In addition, my Mac has an Intel chip, and I’m using the latest macOS version and Axure version.

Please help me find a solution.


Hey @jax, can you tell us if Axure RP crashes when you don’t use a language pack? If Axure keeps crashing without this language pack, please send us your Axure log files at so we can investigate what might be happening. You can find these log files in the following location:

  • *Mac (open the Finder and use “Go > Go to Folder” to paste the file path):

    ~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-10-0/logs



axure10 doesn’t crash when I don’t use language pack


Perhaps your package caused Axure’s crashing, changing to another package may be helpful

  1. But my language pack has been used for several months, and axure has never crashed.
  2. I also replaced several other language packs later, and the same crash will occur


It seems that your package is old and incompatible with the new Axure RP version. If you can return to a previous version of Axure RP, there should be no problem


It’s not like what you said. When the crash happened, I didn’t update the version of axure. It just crashed suddenly during the use process. I didn’t come and save the rp file, and the language pack could be used normally before the crash.


So this crash problem, can anyone help me out?