Animate out on 'set panel state' does not display

Hi everyone,
I opened a ‘set panel state’ case to ‘next’ (wrap from last to first checked, push/pull widget checked)
the dynamic panel has 2 states.
I have defined animate in and out to slide down and up (respectively)
but animate out does not display. it just change back to state 1 without animation.

*the case is set to a different object (the button) and apply on the dynamic panel

anyone? thanks!


You may need to post your .rp file here so forum users can see just what is going on with your prototype in order to offer a solution that works for you.

In general, some browsers perform these kind of animations better than others. I tend to have better luck with Google Chrome than Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows. Also, if your animation duration (the transition speed) is short, the transition may happen too quickly to see the intended effect, especially if you are doing “opposing effects” like slide-up-out and slide-down-in (instead of slide-down-out and slide-down-in.)

Here is a demonstration of the animation effects for changing dp states. An alternate method for showing transitions is shown on Page 1, where the Hide and Show events are animated instead of the state change. This method may well help you achieve the effect you desire.

SwitchStates.rp (279.2 KB)