Animated GIF process

Hi everyone -

I forgot how to paste an animated gif in to my prototype and have it function properly. It looks as if the the previous threads on this topic have been archived. Any help is much appreciated!


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Just drag your GIF file right on to the page in Axure. Or, you can drag in an image widget, double-click it to open an image file, point to your GIF file and click “Open”.

The GIF will not be animated in the editor. Hit Publish > Preview (F5 in Windows; ‘p’ in Mac (I think)) and your GIF will play.

You can’t control looping or anything, but you can create a PNG copy of the first frame, then a 1x loop or forever loop as the selected state of that PNG image. Set the image to selected to animate it, set it to unselected to stop (and revert to the first frame of course.)

Make sure that you DON’T optimize it when you upload it. This saves only the first state (frame?) of the animated gif.

Thanks, worked great!