Animations very slow on iPad Air 2, plus a preview issue

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and would like to ask for help on some prototype previewing issues with Axure on iOS devices.

I’m working on my personal website prototype that includes minimum animations like parallax scrolling and some flashing dots. Everything looks fine when I test it on my laptop. However when I test it on my iPad Air 2, which I bought last year, all animations become incredibly slow, especially the parallax scrolling. (There scrolling animation is not smooth, or not animated at all).

Plus, I am having another issue with the width of my top navigation bar on iPad. In Axure I convert my top bar as a dynamic panel, set it to pin on the top center of the browser with 100% wide. Again, when I see it on laptop everything works fine. However, when I test it with my iPad, the navigation bar does not stretch the entire width of the browser (there is always a tiny gap on the upper right corner). This problem only resolved if I unpin the navigation bar, but this is not the design intent I want.

I am wondering if anyone could provide some insights on the two problems. I’d be happy to email my RP files to you if you could keep it confidential since it is not the final version.

Thank you.

Hi Jellyfish,

Hmm, it sounds like you’re seeing two issues. For the slowness on the iPad, does switching between using data and WiFi affect how fast the prototype performs? Are all pages in the prototype slow? If only one page is particularly slow, then is that page fairly widget heavy (e.g. containing large images, tables, repeaters, or dynamic panels with many states)?

Regarding the pinned header not being 100% wide in the browser on the iPad, by any chance do you happen to have the prototype sidebar open or set to minimized? If so, does closing the sidebar completely resolve the issue? If not, could you provide more information about the structure of the pinned header (e.g. is it a 100% wide panel inside of another 100% wide panel)?

If you’re able to send the file then that would help us to take a look. If you prefer not to post the file here, then feel free to email it to so that we can look in private. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you Alyssa, I’ve just sent my RP file. It would be great if you could help me take a look.

Hi all,

For those of you following along at home, Jellyfish was able to send his filer over to the support desk. We were able to take a look and determine that the slowness he was experiencing was mainly coming down to the “move” actions in his parallax scrolling animations, which became much more noticeable on mobile devices. If you’re seeing something similar in your prototype, removing these types of interactions, optimizing any large images, or paring down on the total number of widgets/complex widgets such as dynamic panels may help improve performance. Different browsers do handle these interactions differently on different types of devices (e.g. Firefox on a Surface device vs. Chome on an iPad), so viewing across multiple browsers may help as well.

As for the unexpected dynamic panel behavior, it looks like this was coming down to a bug where pinning a dynamic panel with a back color or image set to “100% Wide” would cause the panel to appear cut off on mobile devices. We have this bug on file and are currently investigating it, but manually resizing the panel to cover the entire width of the screen (and maybe a little bit more, just to be safe) would be the best workaround in the meantime.

Please feel free to write us at if you’re running into any similar issues with your own prototypes!