Announcing the AxShare App Beta



We’ve created a new tool for viewing your AxShare projects on mobile devices, and today we’re excited to announce the public beta of the AxShare mobile app.

The AxShare app lets you view and interact with your AxShare projects on your Android or iOS mobile device. You can view all of the projects in your AxShare account and shared workspaces, download local copies of your projects for offline viewing, and hide the status bar while presenting projects. We’ve designed the app to ease many of the pain points of using mobile browsers to present mobile prototypes, and we think you’re going to like it.

To get started, sign up to be a beta tester by filling out this form. Enter your name and email address, and tell us whether you’d like to test the iOS or Android version of the app (or both). We’ll be adding beta testers at regular intervals, so let us know if you don’t receive a response in two business days.

We hope you find the AxShare app useful! If you have any questions or if you’d like to report a bug, email us at


Would love to have a local preview on my phone - we’re mostly not allowed to upload corporate projects to any servers that are not controlled by us so all axshare features are lost on us - especially mobile preview and plugins would be a real hit if available locally. Also for conception it’s much faster to work locally instead of waiting for axshare with every change. Just my 2 cents to the team. cheers.