Anyone options for creating advanced select boxes (search + dropdown with optgroup support OR Dropdown with pills multi-select) based on chosen jquery


I’m wondering if anyone has had any success doing select elements in axure with similiar functionality to the below image (based on Chosen: A jQuery Plugin by Harvest to Tame Unwieldy Select Boxes):

Thanks in advance for any support.

Hi masterc82,

There have been examples posted with similar, but not identical, functionality to what’s shown in your screenshot. A few of our amazing users have provided custom dropdown menus that get very close to that NFL team picker. The one that seems the most similar can be found here:

Custom Droplist

As for the select bar that allows you to add tags, there are a couple of examples that might hint at a solution here:

repeater with adjustable height? (text can be typed into an input field and then converted into tags)

and here:

Predefined tagging system (clicking on a checkbox will create a corresponding tag)

If you have any questions about these examples or about adapting this functionality for your needs, I’ll be happy to help–just let me know!


the first link is no longer available, could you add a new link? for the custon dropdown list i mean.

I’m looking for how to do a optgroup listing.

Thank you

If you’re specifically looking to build a custom droplist, then our tutorial article on our site may help:

Hopefully that helps!

None of these links work anymore… :frowning:

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