Arrows are completely borked on web render




It’s been a while now, but I have noticed that arrows created with the lines to connect widgets are not rendering properly on the web share anymore. This is problematic because when linking between states in a storyboard, those arrows help understanding the flow. Now they make understanding worse.

Should I file a bug or does anyone know a tip to fix them?


Hi @jansensan,

The issue you’re describing seems to be a previously discovered bug in an older build of Axure RP 10 that we have since released a fix for with build 3851.

As a first troubleshooting step, if running an older build of Axure RP 10, please update to the most recent build ( You can complete this update by opening Axure RP and following the menu path: “Help > Check for Updates”, or you can download it from

Please also try republishing the prototype that you are seeing this issue to see if that helps as well.

If you are still seeing issues with those connector arrows, can you attach the .rp file so we can investigate? If you prefer, feel free to email us and send any files at


That update was applied already, I have tried republishing multiple times to no avail.

While I understand you always want to investigate the file, every time support requests that we share our files, we have to decline, as the client’s contract is very clear on this: no sharing of their designs under any circumstance.

Additional notes, if it helps your devs investigate:

  • toggling the paths “render” (straight, curved, angled, etc.) sometimes fixes the thing, but not always
  • our team uses .rpteam files