Artificial Intelligence made easier in Axure

Hi everyone, it’s been a while. Here’s an update and… the file.

What does this prototype do?

Yes, we can do that in Axure ! Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech. Without Javascript.

Simply select a language, click the Start button in your desired language if it is not already displaying in your default language. Then say hello, thank you and goodbye.

The AI will respond accordingly. I am also introducing other fun phrases like “To be or not to be?” and two actual functions: Saying stop ends the demo. Saying open google will open google in a new browser tab or window.

Directions for Axure Forum first (7 easy illustrated steps):

  1. In the Page Outline (left panel), search for “textualize”

  2. In the Interactions (Right Panel), select “Interactions”

  3. Set the condition (what the user says)

  4. Select the voice/language (M/F voice in the specific language of the response)

  5. Select the words to be spoken.

  6. Play the response

To preview your work:

  1. Select “Preview in Chrome”

  2. In Chrome, change URL ending from /start.html to /index.html?lang=auto (When previewing, you can switch from ?lang=auto to ?lang=en, ?lang=fr, etc.)

Tested on Chrome Desktop, Android, Safari on iOS and iPadOS.

The file: