Autoplay does'nt work in chrome, help!




For my school project, I’m making a prototype that requires a video to autoplay. I added a video into an inline frame, and added “?autoplay=1” in the inline frame link. But for some reason, the video’s won’t autoplay in chrome, unless I add “&mute=1” (which I don’t want, cause I need the sound). The only browser it works in is Explorer, but my teachers use chrome and safari so I would prefer to let it work in all browsers (also I don’t get why it doesn’t just work in chrome, when it does work in other browsers). Can someone help me?


As I recall Chrome blocks autoplay videos with sound by default. Try changing your Chrome settings to allow this.


A few years back, this all worked fine in Google Chrome, but not anymore. It now intentionally blocks autoplaying videos that have audio.

In addition to the old MSIE browser, the current version of Firefox allows autoplaying video with sound on page load.

There used to be some workarounds and advanced setting overrides in Google Chrome, which you’ll find with most web searches on this topic, but they no longer work in recent versions (I think since ver 81). The trick is autoplaying anything with audio will not work until the user interacts with the page and then autoplaying will work. So, depending on your requirements, you might be able to force the user to do something on the page and then load a video into an object on the page and it can autoplay in the Google Chrome browser. This cannot work with loading a video into an inline frame because the page in the inline frame is a separate browser instance from its parent page.

Here is a demonstration of various methods for getting video to work in Axure. Take a look at the Video with fake autoplay and DP page for autoplaying after interacting. It is not so much “fake” autoplay as it is enabling autoplay by first requiring the user to do something on the page.

Video-Examples-3.rp (302.1 KB)

Hide playbar / video controls of vimeo inline frame target

Ah! Okay, that’s too bad. Thank you for the help!


can you please tell me where do you put the ?autoplay=1””&mute=1” and how to make it work?


They said they added the video with an iframe so those are URL query parameters added to the URL for the video embed in the iframe. Whatever source the video is from uses those query parameters to change the video player that gets embedded.


Hi. Could you show an example of a url that has these parameters?


It depends on where you’re embedding the video from. Some sites may not use any and some might. Query parameters on a URL look like this:

Parameters follow a ? on the end of the URL and are written as key/value pairs on either side of = and pairs are separated by &.