Autosizing a container for a repeater that is having results filtered

I have a combo dropdown/search box dropdown list of items is a repeater. Our dropdowns have a curved outside container edge and an 8 dp drop shadow. Because the number of rows showing changes dynamically, I need the outside container to resize as well. Is there a way to autosize a shape that a repeater is placed inside?

What it looks like:

What I want the dropdown list to look like:


Yes, you can do this by placing your repeater in a dynamic panel and keeping the default style setting of “Fit to Content” for the dynamic panel. With an existing repeater (or any widget or multiple widgets) select it/them on the canvas, right-click and select “Create Dynamic Panel” (or from the main menu, choose Arrange > Create Dynamic Panel).

For your example shown, keep the “search/droplist button” (outlined in blue) separate from (and in front of) the repeater and dynamic panel. You can style the dynamic panel with a Corner Radius and Shadow. If you’d like to keep the “button” and list together as one unit, you can create an “outer” dynamic panel containing the “button” and “inner” dynamic panel (with the repeater in it.)