blocked by IT department



I am building several prototypes for organization that will need to be accessed by potential clients. Our IT has deemed that has been used in malicious email campaigns, and therefore has blocked the URL.

  • Is it reasonable to assume could be a security threat and therefore blocked? If not, tell me why.
  • Assuming that I cannot get that domain to be unblocked by our IT team, what are my options for hosting our prototypes on a private domain or subdomain?


Hi @cdavis, thanks for writing in! We do implement security practices to protect our customer’s data, and your IT team can read more about specific details here: If your IT department has some questions regarding security policies in place, can you please ask them to email us these questions at–we’d be more than happy to answer!

Furthermore, we do offer Axure Cloud for Business on-premises–a server software that allows you to host on your servers, behind your firewall, without the need to interact outside of your network. Here is a short video introduction of Axure Cloud for Business On-Premises: If you are interested in exploring this option, please email us at, and our CSM team would be delighted to discuss it!

Finally, you always can publish your project locally and distribute the exported HTML files anywhere you’d like.

I hope this information helps!