Axure 8 crashes on MacOS 10.14 when I try to print/save to pdf

I’ve just set up Axure 8 on my macbook air and I would like to be able to File > Print > Save PDF. Every time I do this, though, Axure crashes. I get “Axure RP 8 quit unexpectedly.” This is quite separate to the publish function. I don’t want a spec at this point. I just want a pdf of my screens to share.

I haven’t had this issue before on any other computer so I’m a bit lost. Has anyone else had this issue and could offer some enlightenment for me?

Hi lindagehard!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue while trying to print your projects! To further investigate the cause of this issue, could you please send your crash logs and event logs along to

Here’s how to find your Axure logs:

  • If you are using Axure RP 8 build or later, please navigate to the following path:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-8-0/

  • If you are using a build earlier than, please navigate to the following path:
    Documents/Axure User Data/Axure-8-0

  • Right-click on the outer “logs” folder and select “Compress “logs””:

And here’s how to find you crash logs:

  • Open the Console application by navigating to “Applications > Utilities > Console”.

  • Select the “User Reports” section.

  • Look for any logs with “Axure RP” in the title, and then right-click them. Select "Reveal in Finder”:

  • “Reveal in Finder” will show you the file in your Finder, and you can copy the crash file to your desktop from there. If none of the files in the User Reports section are titled “Axure RP”, navigate to “File > Reveal in Finder” to navigate to the folder. Copy the folder to your desktop and compress the folder to a .zip file, if necessary.

If this issue is reproducible, please send along a video of this issue and/or a description of the steps taken leading up to this issue to as well.

Thanks for that. I have just sent through my logs.