Axure 8 on Windows 10


We’ve got a couple of users who are still using 8 but have just upgraded their machines to Windows 10 and are experiencing problems.

  1. Hex colours
    I think this might happen on other dialogue boxes but it’s particularly problematic on colours. When you open the dialogue box and click in the cell to type in a colour, the dialogue box closes. On other dialogue boxes, they’ve worked out that you can hover over the cell and hit return but this doesn’t work on the colour dialogue.

  2. Pen tool
    Someone asked me today about drawing a diagonal. I explained that they needed to select the pen tool, click on the start position and then double click on the end. They said that when they did that, it just kept dragging the end around.

  3. Drop downs
    These don’t seem to work with the mouse. You can open them, but then you need to use your arrow keys and the return key to select the option you want.

Is this a known problem? Or is there something they can do to fix it? It’s quite a pain in the neck for them.


To which “dialogue box” are you referring? Because this seems to have occurred only after moving to Windows 10, you might be referring to the Windows color dialog, and if so, your issue is with Microsoft, not Axure. See this recent thread–it might help:
Define Custom Colors not working - #2 by mbc66

I haven’t experienced this… but not clear what is happening. Screenshots/vid captures?

Also have not experienced this. Are you using the HTML droplist widget? It’s behavior is pretty much defined and controlled by the browser. Have you tried this with multiple browsers? Are the Win10 systems using touchscreens? That might be interfering with traditional mouse behavior.

Hi Andy,

Hmm, the issues with the droplist items (both the color picker and the other dropdowns) sounds familiar for Windows and Axure RP 8. To confirm, are the team members who are running into these issues running the latest build of Axure RP 8, and do they have all pending Windows updates installed? This will help to ensure that they have the latest fixes for the known issues on Windows. If it persists, then knowing whether they’re using touchscreens, pen tablets, or external monitors would also be helpful as these have caused some issues with droplist selections and droplists prematurely closing in the past. That should also help to determine what’s going on with the pen tool when they try to double-click to end the line drawing but find that it doesn’t exit as expected; more information on their input device would help to see if perhaps clicks work oddly with that device.

Feel free to post your update here or, if this is urgent for the affected users, send it over to so that we see it faster. Thank you!

Thanks for coming back to me. We’ve done a bit of playing this morning and it gets even weirder. Identical laptops, both on Windows 10, same build and everything as they were installed at the same time.

On machine 1, with an external monitor, the dropdowns work as you would expect. On the internal monitor, changing colours only works if you hover over a swatch square and hit enter on the keyboard.

On machine 1, when you drag a box onto the screen, it defaults to a gradient fill. If you try and select solid fill, it won’t do it, no matter what you do on the internal screen but works on the external screen.

On machine 2, with an external monitor, the dropdowns work on the internal screen but not the external if you have the display set to extended. If you have the display set to mirrored then it works.

They’re just negotiating with IT support at the moment as they don’t have admin rights to upgrade anything.

Thanks for the followup! For the issue where you’re seeing that on machine 1 dragging a new box widget to the canvas fills it with a gradient, do you know whether the default widget style for that shape has been edited to have a gradient fill in the Widget Style Manager?

As far as the comparison of external/main monitors between machine 1 and machine 2, to confirm does the same issue with the droplists happen on machine 1 if you change the display to be extended, or is the extended display issue specific to machine 2? Since the two machines are identical, can you let us know more about whether there’s any difference between the two external monitors (make/model, settings, etc…) and how they’re connected to the machine, as well as whether the main machine displays have any settings that are different from each other (perhaps color profiles or display scaling)? I assume that if IT handles the update process then both machines have the same Windows updates installed, so the rest of the questions would help to isolate a specific setting or hardware difference that may be contributing to the problem so that we can reproduce it and file it.