Axure 9 Mac tries to establish proxy server connection

From time to time my Axure (on latest Mac OS) pops up this window:

I have no clue why or how to stop it. I do not work over VPN or anything.
I suspect that this could also be the reason why my Axure is often freezing for a few seconds, which is very annoying when heavily working with it.
Thanks for any help!

I am also having this same issue.

If you’re on a Mac, go to system settings, search for ‘Proxies’ and disable ‘Auto Proxy Discovery’. With that, I didn’t receive this error message anymore.

If you’re also encountering frequent unresponsiveness, try to delete and reload cloud widget libraries (if you have any).

Thank you for the quick response!

That eliminated the wpad popup issue, but now it immediately errors saying I don’t have an internet connection when I try to upload.