Axure 9 window border color

Using Axure 9 Beta (Windows 7) in a window might be quite unusual but it’s really difficult when there are other white-colored windows below. I have attached a picture of Axure 9 in front of a white desktop.

I’ve got the same issue on Win 10. See the dropdown to add a new librarie for example or if I drag out the OUTLINE box on a second screen. Could it be possible to have a border for those boxes. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Do other program windows and menus have a shadow?
If not, it could also be due to the Windows settings (are unfortunately deeply nested in the Control Panel, please google)

With me neither of the two problems occurs and I am also Win 10 user.

Hi Fishmi
You’re right. I reset Performances Otions / Visual effects to “Adjust for best appareance” and it fix the problem (a shadow appears under the menu). Anyway, that’s the only software which I had this problem. A 1px border for those interface components will be appreciated.

Why not use a default Windows frame. I don’t see why Axure uses a custom frame.