Axure App + iPhone X + Status Bar

I’m using the iOS Axure App, my generator settings are these:-

device-width, device-height, initial scale: 1.0, user scalable: no, prevent scrolling: on, hide browser nav: yes, iOS status bar: black-translucent.

The problem is that I’d like to show a transparent status bar, but this seems impossible no matter what setting is applied in the prototype or app. If I show the status bar then an ugly black strip appears behind the top portion of the screen, if I turn the status bar on then the design stretches to the top of the screen but often resets it’s position inconsistently.

There doesn’t appear to be any information the settings for an iPhone X anywhere, being unable to accurately locate the bottom of the screen is extremely annoying!

It sounds like you’re using the Axure Share app and want to be able to have the design stretch to the top of the screen without the status bar being in the way–is that accurate? Does turning the status bar off in the prototype’s settings (in the mobile app) do the trick? It sounds like this is working, but you’re seeing odd behavior when scrolling the prototype. If you’re able to provide more detail on this or a sample URL/file then we can take a closer look!