Axure Cloud crash on loading prototype on iOS 14



Anyone having success using Axure Cloud on ios14? Getting crashes after hanging with a white screen when trying to load a prototype.

and on the rare case that a page does load…it does not respond to any gestures.

anyone else?


Hi uelsimon,

We were able to reproduce the crash on iOS 14, and our teams are working on a fix. Thanks for the report!


ok fabulous. Thank you for the update


Hi uelsimon,

To give you an update, we were able to reproduce this issue on our iPhone with iOS 14.2 beta 2, but with the beta 3 update, the issue is no longer present. We also tested on another iPhone with iOS 14.0.1 (public release), and weren’t able to reproduce on there either.

Are you still running into the issue? If so, what version of iOS do you have installed? Are you on the iOS beta by any chance?


I can indeed confirm your findings, as of 14.2 (18B5072f) I am unable to reproduce the issue. (yes I am on the beta track).

thanks for the update!


I can say that I’ve experience intermittent rendering problems on my 14 too- like Javascript issues…