Axure Cloud Download to Local Device Error


I’m encountering this error when trying to download the prototype to the local device so it’ll run quicker/smoother. It runs fine when viewed from the cloud or previewing in localhost, does anyone have any idea what can be causing it?


Hi @arkae,

This seems like a bug introduced with our last deploy. We’ll work on fixing the issue. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Thanks for the response @Jane_Axure and I noticed there was an update to Axure Cloud earlier. However, I still getting the same issue, do I need to uninstall and re-install the app for the update to take effect?


Hi @arkae,

We are thinking this is actually the update that broke the local download feature on the mobile app, so no need to uninstall or reinstall. I don’t have any workarounds for now except to maybe pre-load the prototype in the browser, which I know isn’t great, but we’ll hopefully have a fix for this issue soon. Thanks for your patience!


Hi @arkae,

The issue should now be fixed. Let me know if you’re still having trouble, though!


Hi @Jane_Axure

Yes it works now!! Thank you :+1: