Axure Cloud is opening and closing itself endlessly on open

If I try to open Axure Cloud, or use the plugin for Sketch, it opens, shows “loading” then closes and reopens endlessly. Anyone else dealing with this?

Hi Kirsi,

Hmm! That sounds odd. We haven’t seen or encountered that behavior before.

Would you be able to record a short video for us of the issue occurring? If you don’t have a screen recording tool, we here use the Jing application: (that’ll output a screencast URL you can post here, instead of a video file).

I also have some questions:

  1. Have you logged in to the Axure Cloud desktop app before? And were those attempts successful?
  2. If so, were there any coinciding changes made to your machine that happened around the same time of this issue?
  3. If you’ve logged in before, you can delete the config file to remove your login credentials (this’ll take you to the main login page). You can find this file in ~/Library/Application Support/Axure Cloud/config.json. Does that help at all?
  4. Is your computer behind any security restrictions, e.g. proxy, firewall?

Any additional details you’re able to provide will be helpful as well. Thanks!