Axure Cloud notification "See comment" button | Route user to Axure Cloud rather than Axshare


Hi all,

There’s a “See comment” button in the new comment email notifications which takes me to the comment via the Axshare/public link.

Can I change it so that when anyone clicks on a “See comment” button in their Axure email notification, it takes them to the Axure Cloud version of the page rather than the Axshare page?



Hi @noName,

Currently, there isn’t a way to do this for email messages. However, we’re doing some analysis in this area.

Could you shed some light on why you would prefer the user to be redirected to the Member Link (Axure Cloud version of the page)? Instead of the Share Link (Axshare version of the page)?

Do you currently have your prototype’s share links disabled?



Hi @Justin_Axure,

Ok, thanks for the quick response.

The reason is because there’s a password on the project to prevent non members from accessing the page, however, when members click on the button they’re asked for the password which they don’t have. This causes friction and reduces people’s engagement because they see the password field and close the window rather than ask our admin which password to use.

Part of the reason we’ve tried to get people to create an account was to have the security of password protection from the outside world without having to manage passwords with the layers of stakeholders, however, as it stands I also have to manage the passwords with the stakeholders even though they’ve created a member account…


Hey @Justin_Axure,

Just checking in: did my response provide the info you were looking for?



Hi @noName, sorry for the delay! Would you mind if I reach out directly to you via email? I have a few questions I’m hoping you can help with.

If that’s OK, let me know and I can look up the email associated with your forum account, then send you an email :slight_smile: .



Sure, that’d be fine.



How did that turn out in the end?
Would love to learn from it.
Thank you very much in advance.