Axure Crazy Slow. Non-stop beachball on MacBook Pro

Axure is now unusable. I first noticed it on a library file, when i couldn’t change the color of some text. Non-stop beachball and waiting with each click. I open a new file, create a circle, change fill and stroke, shows in color palette but not on circle. Text is 300 px and red, but text doesn’t change in file.

Researched forums, downloaded old version and same issue. I do get an error. I’ll attach the screenshot. I’m in the most up to date version.


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Hi jcoulter, I apologize that you’re coming across this issue! I haven’t been able to produce any errors on my end so far when testing out the steps you described. Can you provide more details about your machine and Axure RP set up, such as if you use Axure RP on an external monitor, if you are using any custom scaling for your laptop screen or for any external monitors, and what the resolutions are for any screens or monitors you are using?

Can you also go ahead and enter your email address into the email field of the error dialog and then press submit so that we can review the full error report? If you aren’t able to trigger the error dialog again, or if it is unresponsive, then can you can you email us at and attach a zipped copy of your Axure logs folder in your email? On a Mac, you can find your Axure logs folder by opening Finder, following the menu path: “Go > Go to Folder”, and then you can paste in the path listed below (with the tilde [~] character included):

~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-9-0/

Once you locate the “Axure-9-0” folder, you should see a folder named “logs”, which you can right-click/control-click and then select “Compress Logs” from the context menu to create a zipped copy that you can attach in your email to us.