Axure CSS appears to ignore font mapping for one font but not another

Having browsed apparently every post on this, I’m at a loss to figure out why one font, hosted by the provider, seems to work perfectly, but another, self-hosted, does not. The setup is the same for both (link to css provided by the font vendor along with font mapping so the name matches). While I’ve mapped “Univers Next Pro” regular weight to “UniversNextPro-Regular” the css produced by Axure still references “Univers Next Pro”. Apologies if this is a little convoluted, I’ve just spent an entire day trying to fix this.


Wish I had an answer for you!

It’s so annoying that no one is posting solutions for font issues in Axure RP 10. I have tons of prototypes that are not rendering properly since upgrading. My manager and clients are getting annoyed with me and the only answer I have is to remove the icons or create the prototype in Figma. I can’t believe This can’t be resolved. I don’t want to start from scratch, but with most of the creative team switching to Figma, it looks like that’s the direction I’m heading.